About Us

Our Story

The Boxborough News project began in the fall of 2022. It started with casual conversations, quickly gained momentum, and progressed to monthly and then weekly meetings. We debated distribution, content, and frequency. Our team of volunteers grew. We established our mission. By early 2023, our vision for a local newspaper took shape, and we explored partnerships with various vendors for printing and mailing. 

Ultimately, we decided to pursue a partnership with Action Unlimited, a longtime local business that has the infrastructure we need and whose owner enthusiastically supports our mission. Through a series of conversations with Action Unlimited in early 2023, the  “Action Unlimited - Boxborough Edition” was born: a free publication delivered each Friday to Boxborough residents and the home of Boxborough News. 

Boxborough News is not affiliated with the Town of Boxborough or any political or community group. It is run by a group of volunteers with a clear goal: to create a trusted resource for our town that residents can rely on for accurate and accessible information. 

Boxborough News is, above all, a community project - a true group effort that will require engagement from Town departments, boards and committees, community groups, and residents in order to succeed. We’re starting small. We’re experimenting. We’re learning and making adjustments as we go. This is just the beginning.

Our news is published inside the “Action Unlimited - Boxborough Edition,” a FREE weekly newspaper delivered each Friday to all households in Boxborough.  Click here for the latest edition.  

For the Acton/Maynard edition of Action Unlimited, click here.